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About CaringBand

Encouragement from friends and loved ones has the power to uplift the spirits of anyone, especially those who are hurting. That’s why we created the CaringBand Bracelet and App – to help people send encouragement and love to those in need. And to send it easily, often and without any extra burden to the wearer.

It’s what we call Technology with Heart.


“When we received the call that my mom had cancer, we were gutted. We were scared. And although we did as much as we could to support her – we took her to doctors appointments, we waited through surgeries, we checked in multiple times a day – we always felt like there was more we could be doing to let her know how much she was on our minds. This desire to do more was the start of CaringBand.”

– Lindsay Donaldson, Chief Caring Officer.



  • Lindsay Donaldson
    Lindsay Donaldson Co-Founder & Chief Caring Officer
  • Charley Donaldson
    Charley Donaldson Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
  • Erin Meadows
    Erin Meadows Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer