The CaringBand Light-up Bracelet is the perfect way to give extra encouragement and support to those who need it most.  The bracelet and mobile app were created to help you encourage anyone going through a challenging time as often as they come across your minds.  With CaringBand this is done in a way that allows you to brighten their day without having to think about the right thing to say or giving them the pressure to respond back.

The CaringBand Light-up Bracelet 

When you give someone a CaringBand you are giving them daily encouragement. They simply pair the bracelet with their smartphone and turn on notifications for the CaringBand App. Throughout the day they will be uplifted each time their CaringBand bracelet lights up and/or vibrates, knowing that someone is thinking positive thoughts about them.

The CaringBand App (Available Now!)

The CaringBand App is a place for family and friends to send real-time notifications of love and support, and for the wearer to see those notifications. With a few touches of your phone, send preset messages like “Thinking of you”, “You got this”, “Praying for you”, “I love you”.  A light and/or pulse on the connected bracelet notifies the band wearer when new messages are received.


Over the past few years we have seen several friends and family go through difficult times from the loss of a child, cancer, rehab, car accidents and the list goes on.

Like many others in the same situation, we did as much as we could but always left wanting to do more. The CaringBand was created as a way to do just that, more.


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  • Lindsay Donaldson
    Lindsay Donaldson Co-Founder & Chief Caring Officer
  • Charley Donaldson
    Charley Donaldson Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
  • Erin Meadows
    Erin Meadows Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer